Omar Bhat

I am Mohmmed Omar Bhat based in pulwama, Kashmir. I am pursuing BVA in university of Kashmir. I am an interdisciplinary artist working with hybrid practices involving mediums like Sculpture, installation, performance art, photography, I have shown my work in kochi muzirilis students biennale and exhibited my work in sonzal festival at university of kashmir as well. I am working on the ‘forced displacement of tribal people’ in Kashmir. The Government of India is forcibly displacing the tribal communities from forests where they were living from their childhood and now the government forces are destroying their houses, other property and have cut down the thousands of apple trees so far, recently many tribal people were injured in the clashes with armed forces. Due to the lack of interest of media and other organizations, I started working against this injustice policy of the Government. I am trying to make their voices legitimate so that this Monstrous Draconian move of system can be stopped anyhow.

In future, I am planning to make a documentary on forced displacement of tribal communities in Kashmir as well as introduce the art in that comunity. Due to the lack of education, internet connectivity and media coverage, somehow they are not able to express their miseries, I will invite more artists to get involed in the engaement with the tribal people so that they can use art as a means to fight this injustice policy of the fascist government policies.